Monday, March 29, 2010

New "Playmate" Feeding Whitetail by Montana Decoy


The New Playmate Whitetail decoy takes advantage of the single most effective pose available for big game decoys-the feeding position. Combined with all new HD photography the Playmate decoy works during all phases of the rut and throughout the entire hunting season.

"Feeding poses have been proven over and over again as perhaps the best option for 98-percent of decoy set ups," said Jerry McPherson, owner of Montana Decoy's. "It doesn't matter what time of the year it is or what phase of the breeding season you're in, a feeding pose is natural, and instills cofidence in your set up."

The ultra realistic HD photography on Montana Decoy's Playmate easily puts it ahead of other whitetail decoys on the market. Up close or far away, the detail holds their attention. The simple twist-and-stake set up is a hallmark of all Montana Decoys and the new Playmate is no exception.

The Playmate stands at a full 23x41 inches set up and weights in at a mere 25 oz. Meaning it will go unnoticed in your whitetail pack until you need it.

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