Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update The Flock


Boss gobbler giving the cold shoulder? Show him the new tom in town and watch the feathers fly. Montana Decoys new Mr. T Strutting longbeard takes the full strut decoy to a totally new level of realism and ease of use.

Montana Decoy is pleased to introduce a new line of turkey decoys using a new process that gives them a new look. The High Definition (HD) process and two-sided strutting image makes the Mr. T the most realistic decoy on the market as well as provides several set-up options.

No more carrying bulky full body decoys because Mr. T takes up less space than a seat cushion. Turkeys are very visual and no other decoy can compete with Montana Decoy's HD photography. Decoy assembly is easy, the twist and stake set up is a hallmark of all Montana decoys and the new Mr. T turkey deocoy is no exception.

Measuring a super small 9x9x2 inches folded Mr. T takes the field at a full 28-inches tall by 17-inches wide and only weights 10.5 oz.

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  1. With Turkey Season getting into full swing such as in Nevada, California, Georgia, Alabama or your just getting ready for your opening day in Ohio, Indiana, Utah and Montana. If you are one of the Lucky ones to be using the Montana Decoy Turkey Decoy's we would like to share some of our favorite Turkey decoying tips. Our ideal set-up is using at least one of the male Turkey decoys with multiple hens. The site of another Tom or Jake with an available hen can really get a gobbler fired up. Place yourself between the decoys and the oncoming Gobbler, let the decoys pull him right past you for a great shot opportunity! You will want to make sure you place the decoy where a gobbler can spot it. A called in gobbler will often attack the decoy face to face. Place the decoy so it is facing you, that way the Gobbler will be facing away from you giving you a better opportunity for an unseen shot. If you have an of your own favorite Turkey hunting tips please feel free to share :)